Activities by the Panasonic Group Introduced in
Video “Home Appliance Recycling Initiatives”
Created by METI-KANSAI
(METI* Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry)

As an approach to have more people know about the “home appliance recycling system,” METI-KANSAI (METI* Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry) has created an explanatory video and made it available for online streaming on YouTube. Panasonic’s recycling activities as well as its passion for recycling are introduced in this video, along with interviews with relevant Panasonic members.

*METI: Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The home appliance recycling system

  • A system for recycling used appliances (four specified appliances: TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, and refrigerators), reducing waste, and using resources effectively
  • Consumers pay a recycling fee at retailers etc. and discard used home appliances → Retailers etc. collect and transport the used appliances → Manufacturers take back the appliances → Recycling plants recycle the appliances
  • Note that handing used appliances to unauthorized collectors who collect items for free may lead to illegal dumping
  • Used appliances are dismantled, sorted, and resources are recycled at recycling plants, and become materials for various products!

Dismantling / SortingPanasonic Eco Technology Center (PETEC)

  • Carefully dismantles and sorts used home appliances by hand and with sorters and machines
  • Recovers CFCs used in air conditioners, refrigerators, and washing machines
  • Has a “high precision plastic sorting system”
  • ――With these features, PETEC’s mission is to develop and establish a recycling-oriented society

Resource recyclingPanasonic Corporation, Kato Plastic Recycling Plant

  • Recycles plastic materials deriving from appliances to make it usable as materials in new products
  • Further removes foreign matter from plastic materials to make raw materials with a high purity of over 99.9%, and produces high quality recycled plastics

Advanced sortingHirabayashi Metal, Recycling Farm Mitsu

  • Works on recycling plastics containing glass fibers, which was a challenge previously
  • Achieves high-purity sorting of glass fiber-contained polypropylene from shredded front-load washing machines, by combining sorting processes using water, air, and light

Panasonic ET Solutions Co., Ltd.

  • Continues its efforts based on the belief and concept of returning the materials derived from used home appliances back to home appliances
  • Will strive to achieve a closed-loop of recycled plastics not only in Japan but at a global level, by fully utilizing its experience, know-how, and skills to pursue a wider scope of clients (buyers) and suppliers of recycled resources
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