Association for Electric Home Appliances opens Japan’s first “Permanent Exhibition dedicated to Home Appliance Recycling” in ATC(Asia and Pacific Trade Center), Osaka!

The Association for Electric Home Appliances has opened Japan’s first “permanent exhibition dedicated to home appliance recycling” in Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza (Osaka). With easy-to-understand displays introducing “home appliance recycling,” the exhibition offers an opportunity to learn with joy for children, the future players of a recycling-oriented society.

Know the four home appliances subject to recycling

Cross-section samples of actual appliances subject to recycling (i.e., air conditioner, TV, refrigerator/freezer, and washing machine/clothes dryer) are on display to show the structure in an easy-to-understand manner

Learn about efforts and initiatives by home appliance recycling plants

Videos of work in recycling plants are displayed on a large screen, offering a simulating experience of being in the frontlines of recycling and demonstrating how the four covered products are recycled

Facility outline

ATC (venue of the permanent exhibition)

  • Address:
    2-1-10 Nankokita, Suminoe-ku, Osaka
  • Access:
    Direct access from “Trade Center-mae” station, Osaka Metro Nanko Port Town Line (New Tram)
  • 11th floor, Osaka ATC Green Eco Plaza
    The first permanent exhibition hall of its kind in Japan, established with the purpose of widely communicating to the general public the latest information from companies/organizations engaged with environmental businesses and management.